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Katrina Installation Close up
Woodward Home
Melpomene and Erato
Rico in Goggi World
Gregory's Place
Still Waters
EPA Academy Mural
Window Pain
Katrina's Starry Night
Gulf Coast, Mississippi
Roof Tile portrait 2
Forgotten Shoe
Chris's Home
Wolf River
Portrait of a woman
Roof tile portraits
Katrina Installation
Sarah's Backdrop What is this?
Why? Because the more sugar you put in, the better!
Why? My mom gave me a taste of chocolate when I was a few days old, and now I don't go a day without a craving.
Why: Because it taught me not to be scared of snakes, spider, thunderstorms, or bullies. What else can you ask of a board game?
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Sarah's BackBrite: "Peacock feather"

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